Pastor Evan Goeglein presents a fresh new approach to the long-standing foundation of the Lutheran faith, Law and Gospel.  He is steeped in what drives the Lutheran faith, the Word of God (scripture) and the Sacraments.  He teaches and preaches Christ crucifixion and resurrection – we are saved by faith and not of works.

Pastor Goeglein brings an enthusiasm to his ministry at Faith that is infectious and endears him to his flock.  He clearly and sincerely preaches Christ as the Way and the Light, which leads his flock to the empty tomb and the promise of a blessed eternity with our Lord.

He relates to the young and not-so young with equal ease and they in turn relate to him.  He has an easygoing sense of humor that gives one the feeling of someone you’ve known for a while.

Pastor Goeglein is “the real deal”, genuinely affable. He is “at home” and comfortable in any setting throughout the congregation.

His sincerity of service to the congregation is notable, patent and enthusiastic.  He demonstrates his love for the Lord and his divine calling in everything he does in the church and our community.

He is welcoming and hospitable.  Come and meet this unique individual and see for yourself.