About our church

We are nestled between the Rogue River and Hwy 99 in the south/west corner of Oregon.  We refer to ourselves as “The Family of Faith”, or “The Faith Family.”

We are a close knit congregation of believers, always ready to welcome guests and visitors.  The first thing most visitors mention is the warm and loving family feeling.

Our family is made up of loving grandmas and grandpas, eager children from 3 to 12 years of age and devoted families in-between. Our motto is “Faith Lutheran Church where children are treasured.”

We are steeped in the long-standing traditions of the Lutheran Church and love our liturgy.  We are a confessional singing church where music plays an important port of our worship.

Our men are steadfast in the Word and accomplished in deeds of service and mercy and mission. Our women love to cook and are known throughout the zone for their hospitality.

The LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) is active at the local level, within the zone and in the district as well.

In addition to Sunday School, our children participate in a well attended VBS (Vacation Bible School) each August and they also put on a scripturally sound Christmas pageant with a meal that follows.

We offer many opportunities to study God’s Word with Sunday morning Family Hour/Sunday School; Tuesday evening’s Pastor’s Book Club ; Thursday morning Women’s Bible Study; Thursday evenings Pastor’s Adult Catechism class and Saturday morning Men’s Bible Study.

The visitor will find the sanctuary decked out with beautiful banners. Our Altar Guild is dedicated to the respect and beautification of the house of the Lord.

The Comforters, (Quilters) lovingly make comforters, quilts, lap robes and wall hangings.  Many are donated to the needy and others are sold at our spring and fall Boutiques.  A peek into Hallelujah Hall will find the walls festooned with their handiwork.

Every other year our church sponsors a zone/circuit wide Reformation Worship Service and sit-down-dinner with active and retired pastors participating.

Whenever you come to visit you will find a cohesive group of believers bound together by the Word of God, the communion of saints and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have a new pastor from Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne who loves to share the Gospel of our Lord and who keeps fresh and alive the message of our redemption through God’s love for us made manifest in His Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We offer you the love of God, a warm welcome, the Word of God and the communion of the saints.