Pastor Goeglein holds another round of Adult Instruction Class

Rev. Evan Goeglein, Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Rogue River has announced the dates his latest Adult Instruction Class. The Adult Instruction Class is a free 12-week class that Pastor Goeglein offers at least once every year that covers the foundation teachings of Christian, from the Lutheran perspective in particular. This year’s class will meet on Thursdays at 6:30pm beginning September 7th and is located at the church at 8582 Rogue River Hwy. The class provides a friendly and comfortable place to learn the teachings of Faith Lutheran Church where questions are welcome and everyone has a good time. All materials needed are provided. For more information visit

Faith Lutheran Church to Study History of the Reformation

This year marks the 500th Anniversary since the 16th Century reformer Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenburg Germany. It is often times pointed to as the event that begins the Reformation of the Church, in which the true Gospel is rediscovered as the Lord’s joy to save sinners on account Christ’s work alone through faith alone–as told by Scripture Alone.

In honor of this important event, Faith Lutheran Church is meeting on Tuesday nights in the months of September and October to watch a video series on Martin Luther and the reformation. Their gathers include covering two video sessions about 20 minutes in length, with discussion to follow. The gathers are open to anyone who would like to attend.


Faith Lutheran Church Cancels Annual Picnic

The annual picnic is a tradition that goes back many many years for Faith Lutheran Church. Sadly, because of area wild fires and potentially dangerous air quality, Faith Lutheran Church has cancelled the 2017 church picnic originally scheduled for Saturday August 26th at Palmerton Park in Rogue River. We look forward to being able to continue the tradition next year, hoping for better picnic conditions.